Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mayor Cunningham Raises Taxes
July 2008 - Round 2008

by Viv Everett, Journalist

In an informal meeting held at the Skyline Lounge last night.  Mayor Cunningham along with his Business and Tax Advisors, made the decision to raise taxes for next year.

Despite the influx of simoleans raised at the Simday 20, Silent Auction Fundraising Event, the Hood is in desperate need to raise it's income.  The Hood expenses far outweigh its income, and our budget keeps falling in response.

S'Ahmisa Warwick, summer political intern, will be answering calls all month at City Hall for any concerned sititzens that have questions or issues regarding this new tax increase.

"I really didn't want to raise taxes while I was in office, however, it's detrimental to start increasing our income before we fall back into the red like we did after the unfortunate hurricane years ago.  I want to try and remedy this situation before it's too late and gets out of hand."  Mayor Cunningham said in his statement to The Simmington-Times.

"One good thing out of all this, is that Farmers living on ABR lots will be receiving an additional $1,500 in deductions.  SimCity Government has never recognized farmers for giving back to this Hood Administration and to the neighborhood.  Now they will!  And our farmers will benefit from that.  Hopefully, in their success, they'll continue to help our Hood grow."  Trenton VanHouten, Tax Advisor, reported.

ABR lots are Administrative Business Residential lots that are used specifically to produce goods for betterment of the Hood Administration and Simmington Hills.


  1. I think S'Ahmisa might be fielding some angry phone calls soon! It's nice that the farmers are getting an extra deduction though - my farmers get that too.