Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mayor Cunningham Raises Taxes
July 2008 - Round 2008

by Viv Everett, Journalist

In an informal meeting held at the Skyline Lounge last night.  Mayor Cunningham along with his Business and Tax Advisors, made the decision to raise taxes for next year.

Despite the influx of simoleans raised at the Simday 20, Silent Auction Fundraising Event, the Hood is in desperate need to raise it's income.  The Hood expenses far outweigh its income, and our budget keeps falling in response.

S'Ahmisa Warwick, summer political intern, will be answering calls all month at City Hall for any concerned sititzens that have questions or issues regarding this new tax increase.

"I really didn't want to raise taxes while I was in office, however, it's detrimental to start increasing our income before we fall back into the red like we did after the unfortunate hurricane years ago.  I want to try and remedy this situation before it's too late and gets out of hand."  Mayor Cunningham said in his statement to The Simmington-Times.

"One good thing out of all this, is that Farmers living on ABR lots will be receiving an additional $1,500 in deductions.  SimCity Government has never recognized farmers for giving back to this Hood Administration and to the neighborhood.  Now they will!  And our farmers will benefit from that.  Hopefully, in their success, they'll continue to help our Hood grow."  Trenton VanHouten, Tax Advisor, reported.

ABR lots are Administrative Business Residential lots that are used specifically to produce goods for betterment of the Hood Administration and Simmington Hills.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aerial Bionic Interview - The Hills Gossip (THG)

Aerial Bionic Speaks to THG
June 2008 - Round 2008

It could've been a cover for an album, really...I look hot with these guys!  --Marisa Bendett
(Trevor Yates - vocalist/bassist, left,.Gareth Thayer - bassist/drummer, right)

Marisa Bendett has an exclusive interview with SiMusic Records' hottest recording artists, Aerial Bionic, before their Ursha concert at the Ithaca Outdoor Concert Stage. *See the concert, HERE!

You, too, can download their music at Pennelson Inc., SiMusic Records!
And visit the band's website Here!

Marisa:  I must say, you guys have really amped up your look since we last saw you at the Apple Festival in Apple Valley.  What inspired this fantastic new look?!

AB:  *both laugh*  The album.  (They said in unison.)

Trevor Yates:  It's funny you say that...we get that question a lot since this tour started.  Actually, it was the remix of "Mystical, XI, Free".  That song just took on a life of its own!  You can't sing and play that song in blue jeans.

Gareth Thayer:  No!  *laughs*  It's too mystical, dude.  SumaSim was a monster on that track!  He laid down some earth shattering lead guitar licks. 

Marisa:  Ursha, the album, has been steadily climbing the SiMCharts since it was released, you guys must really be proud!

Gareth:  You know...we've got the Number One album in SimNation right now!  It's incredible!  I never could have imagined it two months ago.  But after we hooked up with Fiorenza Pentragnani...
Marisa:  She's the head of SiMusic Records, right?  

Trevor:  Right.  She said we had to take "Mystical, Xi, Free" to another level and we worked out the remix that night and laid it down.  The remix is what has put us on the map, singlehandedly!

Marisa:  Something readers may not know...Trevor, you're from Apple Valley and Gareth, you're from New Eden.  Most Sims assume you both hail from Apple Valley, but that's not so.

Well, here's the part of the interview where I want to ask both of you the same questions.  I'm sure my readers are just as curious as I am.

How did you guys begin your journey to stardom?  

Trevor:  I actually was headed in the opposite direction and wanted to play classical music. I had to try out a new instrument for a class and fell in love with the guitar and bass.  I never thought anything of it until my roommate suggested that I audition for a band with SiMusic. The rest is history.

Gareth:  I started playing music when I was a teen, when I asked my parents for a bass guitar for my birthday.  I liked it so much that I studied music in college, but I didn't know I would make a career of it until I answered an ad on the SUN boards from someone who was looking for members for another band that was just starting.  I got the part and the rest is history.

Marisa:  What is your most favorite thing to do?

Trevor Yates

Trevor:  Besides play music? That's all I like to do, write songs and play music. I am trying to learn how to cook something besides mac and cheese.

Gareth:  Besides the obvious, music, I like art.  When I'm in New Eden, my sister is usually kind enough to let me mess around in her art studio.  On tour I like to doodle when we're traveling between gigs.  I also enjoy spending an evening with a few, good friends, going out to dinner or to a club to listen to music and just hanging out.

Marisa:  After this tour, what's your next project going to be?

Trevor:  Getting a permanent place to live! Right now we're living out of hotels and at least Gareth gets to crash on his sister's couch when he goes home, but I don't have that luxury and am crashing at various hotels. I would like to get an apartment or condo. We're also working on our next album and it should be almost ready to be shipped. We have a few more finishing touches to do on a few tracks, but it should be out soon.

Gareth:  Finishing our next album and hopefully making plans for another tour in the future.  Though, I wouldn't mind taking a little time off from traveling for awhile.  I've started mentoring another young up and coming artist, from the teen band, Glitter, helping to give her advice on getting her career going in the business.

Marisa:  Are either of you in a relationship or looking for love?

Trevor:  I'm single and wouldn't mind a relationship. It takes a special sim to be in a relationship with a musician. There are the tours, long hours and crazy up and down of the business.

Gareth:  I'm single.  My last relationship ended just before we started Aerial Bionic, so I'm ready and open to looking for love again.

Gareth Thayer
There you have it, ladies!  Everything you wanted to know about these two sizzling rockers!  We all look forward to the next album, as well!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

1st Commencement Ceremony in The Hills!
June 2008 - Round 2008
by Cameron Masters, Editor

Elmer Valdes, Rashid Cunningham, and Erline Valdes  (Marchon Cunningham is not pictured.)
(See their graduation ceremony HERE!)

The first high school grads of our time have finally graduated!  These teens are our future and let me tell you...the future looks bright!  

The prestigious Magnolia Ballet Academy was home to our first ever commencement ceremony on Saturday. The program was brief but very touching.  Many accolades were given for the patience and nurturing provided to these students over the years.  

At one time, Elmer and Erline Valdes were flunking out of school and were threatened to be taken away by the social worker.  With a lot of perseverance by their mother, Emerita Valdes, along with Nick Michels, they commissioned The Administration to bring our own private school here, thus CPS was born!  The benefits of this contribution have proven results, as Elmer and Erline are both graduating with honors!

"It's not often you see families so dedicated to education as these two families are.  You do the best you can with your kids and hope they'll make something out of themselves, despite their adversities."  Dr. Trinity Dalton, Medical Advisor, stated.

Erline Valdes recently became a teen mom and despite that fact, she was able to keep her honors status and graduate.

"Well before I got pregnant, I was almost finished with the requirements I needed to graduate.  It wasn't hard to make up the last couple credits I needed.  I won't say it hasn't been difficult because it has.  I missed out on pretty much my entire Senior year, but my family has been really helpful with the baby, while I crammed through my final exams.  I wouldn't know what to do without them."  The young mother smiled.

Mayor Cunningham not only distributed diplomas on Saturday, but the Valdes twins also received a Certificate of Excellence signed by the Mayor himself.  

(Example Certificate)

The Scholarships Won and Their Plans For College:

Marchon Cunningham
*Won 3 scholarships to attend the University of Riverdale,
and maintained an A+ average before graduating high school at age 16.  He is majoring in Politics.*

Elmer Valdes
$1,000 SimCity Scholar's Grant for maintaining an A+ average.
$750 Will Wright Genius Grant in Logic
Plans to attend Sims State University and major in Art.

Erline Valdes
$1,000 SimCity Scholar's Grant for maintaining an A+ average.
$750 Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics in Cleaning
Plans to attend WilTech Community College and study Business.

Rashid Cunningham
$1,000 SimCity Scholar's Grant for maintaining an A average.
Plans to attend Sims State and major in Physics.

Elmer Valdes and Rashid Cunningham plan to leave for Sims State in early July 2008 to begin SSU's Summer Enrichment Program, that promotes early graduation.

We wish these kids all the best as they strive to achieve their goals!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Political Internship Begins for Apple Valley Teen
June 2008, Round 2008
by Marisa Bendett, Columnist

The ambitious 18 year old arrived to begin a summer internship with Mayor Sabien Cunningham, Sr.  This is the 1st internship for Simmington Hills. 

She was asked how she felt about this opportunity and said:

"I've been fortunate to travel quite a bit in my young life.  I've visited the Schatazweitzier Mountains as a child, and I've lived in Kimikura for the past three simyears and have adjusted rather well to the culture and ways there; I think I'm more nervous about living at the Magnolia Mansion for the next 3 months!" She chuckled. 

"Seriously though, I think it's going to be a fantastic experience seeing the Mayor at work and at home; spending time with his family and making new friendships is what it's all about.

My main priority is to learn as much as I can about the different styles of leadership.  Meeting the top leaders in this community will be a great opportunity.  And once I get back home, I'll be interning with Apple County President Fiona Kent."  

This young prodigy is also interested in finding out ways of limiting imports to the hood.  It brings to mind the question if Mayor Cunningham will implement limits to our imports in the future.
With hardly any time to get settled in, S'Ahmisa and Mayor Cunningham were both whisked away in the Willowland SIM-67 Apache Strongbow helicopter and flown to Bluewater Village's Fort Hills Military Base, which is normally a 20 minute drive, where they met with former AV resident, General Bruce Peterson and his small troop, to discuss Mayor Cunningham's intentions for the military in the future.

[FHMB, Bluewater Village in Seratoga County]

"There can be no distractions.  We've got to build our troops to be strong enough to step in when emergencies arise.  To fight when the battle is upon us."  Mayor Cunningham declared.

"You must have no fear. One day our opposition will fear us!" Everyone cheered.

The meeting ended with a tour of the new base and a light brunch in the Mess Hall where the speech took place.

(Read more of S'Ahmisa Warwick's summer internship:  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Military General Arrives at Fort Hills Military Base
June 2008 - Round 2008

by Cameron Masters, Editor

Fort Hills Military Base [FHMB] opened its doors this month for the arrival of highly decorated General Bruce Peterson and his wife, Greta Peterson.  The military base was voted on last year with a split vote, however the vote passed and the location was decided for Bluewater Village Township, Seratoga County because they had stepped in and sent us prisoners for our new Willow County Jail when SimCity declined.

"I'm excited to be here.  I think the Hood Administration has made a good choice.  The Military is my life and I will die serving my SimNation."  Gen. Peterson stated in his interview.

Gen. Peterson is Simmington Hills' new Military Advisor.  His current militia is small, but includes Recruiter Anthony Bachelor and ROTC Cadet Sierra Spencer.