Saturday, March 6, 2010

Political Internship Begins for Apple Valley Teen
June 2008, Round 2008
by Marisa Bendett, Columnist

The ambitious 18 year old arrived to begin a summer internship with Mayor Sabien Cunningham, Sr.  This is the 1st internship for Simmington Hills. 

She was asked how she felt about this opportunity and said:

"I've been fortunate to travel quite a bit in my young life.  I've visited the Schatazweitzier Mountains as a child, and I've lived in Kimikura for the past three simyears and have adjusted rather well to the culture and ways there; I think I'm more nervous about living at the Magnolia Mansion for the next 3 months!" She chuckled. 

"Seriously though, I think it's going to be a fantastic experience seeing the Mayor at work and at home; spending time with his family and making new friendships is what it's all about.

My main priority is to learn as much as I can about the different styles of leadership.  Meeting the top leaders in this community will be a great opportunity.  And once I get back home, I'll be interning with Apple County President Fiona Kent."  

This young prodigy is also interested in finding out ways of limiting imports to the hood.  It brings to mind the question if Mayor Cunningham will implement limits to our imports in the future.
With hardly any time to get settled in, S'Ahmisa and Mayor Cunningham were both whisked away in the Willowland SIM-67 Apache Strongbow helicopter and flown to Bluewater Village's Fort Hills Military Base, which is normally a 20 minute drive, where they met with former AV resident, General Bruce Peterson and his small troop, to discuss Mayor Cunningham's intentions for the military in the future.

[FHMB, Bluewater Village in Seratoga County]

"There can be no distractions.  We've got to build our troops to be strong enough to step in when emergencies arise.  To fight when the battle is upon us."  Mayor Cunningham declared.

"You must have no fear. One day our opposition will fear us!" Everyone cheered.

The meeting ended with a tour of the new base and a light brunch in the Mess Hall where the speech took place.

(Read more of S'Ahmisa Warwick's summer internship:  Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.)


  1. We're so proud of you, S'Ahmisa. Keep up the good work!

    Mom & Dad

  2. S'Ahmisa is going to build up so much experience doing this. Congratulations to her!