Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hailstorm Pummels Simmington Hills, 1 Dead
June 2008 - Round 2008

by Cameron Masters, Editor

A severe hailstorm is sweeping through Simmington Hills with unbridled fury, shattering car windows, and creating havoc on outdoor swimmers and sunbathers.

Hail the size of tangerines is falling almost horizontally, fueled by driving winds as the storm leaves residents in a state of shock.

"These huge ice balls came out of nowhere, one minute I'm tanning in the sun, enjoying my day off...the next, the sky got dark, the winds picked up, and I'm running for my life!"   Marisa Bendett, Columnist for The Simmington-Times, reported from Willow Co. Community Park"I haven't seen panic like this since the hurricane."

"Most residents here are still shaken up by any change in weather.  We've been devastated in the past, and no one wants to see that happen again.  We've got to realize that in SimNation, anything is possible...never leave home without an umbrella."  SimCity Meteorologist, Shane Deters, stated.

The hardest hit area is in Three Lakes where one unidentified Willow County resident was travelling.  Hail size there has been reported to be the size of grapefruits.  The unidentified Sim was said to be travelling  with a group and is the only fatality from this terrible storm; we have no further information at this time.  The Times will reveal the identity of this resident once we have verified our information and notified the family.


  1. Oh no! I wonder who it is? Too bad it wasn't Marisa Bendett...

    Was this a ROS?
    p.s. I would like to wire this story on the Laurel Quarterly. May I?

  2. Yikes, is there anything we can do? Is Ray ok?

    Rebecca Wilsonoff
    Apple Valley

  3. More information is coming in a few days. Sorry to make you guys wait. (I'm sick; hubby got pneumonia and a contagious respiratory infection and I caught it, so I've been playing Mafia Wars/Country Life on Facebook. Just haven't felt like playing Sims 2 lately, or writing...*sighs* I prefer mindless clicking instead, right now. LOL!

    LOL @ LC. Marisa gets such a bad rap. hahaha. Yes, this was a ROS. And by all means, wire it to your paper. That's what SUN is all about!

    AV, Ray is ok. He's been through so much, this is the last thing he needs. The authorities have contained the situation and cleanup is going on now. ;P